Saturday, November 14, 2009

Guided Fly Fishing Vacation Tips

By Sherri Russell

So, you're thinking about taking a fly fishing vacation.  But with today’s economy, you’re trying to make your dollar go as far as possible and have a great experience at the same time. 

You will get more value with your dollar by booking a two day fly fishing trip vs. a one day fly fishing trip with a guide.  I say this because effective fly fishing techniques vary from river to river, state to state and country to country.  You may not be familiar with all the techniques and have to rely on your guides suggestions and expertise to help you successfully catch fish.  Also, most people book their trips 6 months to a year in advance and they have no clue as to what the weather and water conditions may be.  It may rain one day and not the other etc.

This is a typical experience with a person visiting new area to fly fish reported by guides; the first 8 hour day, for the better portion of the day, you are learning and narrowing down a new method of how to effectively land a certain specie of fish in a certain body of water and then you will spend the remainder of that day effectively fishing for your catch. 

If you have a second day to fish with the same guide, you can utilize the entire day to effectively try to catch fish and your experience will be much more pleasant because you are spending your day fishing and honing your skills as opposed to learning and practicing them. 

Many Fly Fishing guides will offer a discount for a two day trip vs. a one day trip.  Ask your fishing guide of choice if they offer these types of discounts.

Please share your valued guided fly fishing vacation tips in the comment section below for our readers to learn more.


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