Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fishing in Southwest Florida

Fishing in Southwest Florida is a great experience.

Target species while fishing Boca Grande Pass, Charlotte Harbor and the near-shore waters of the Gulf of Mexico out of the state of Florida are; Tarpon, Snook, Redfish, Goliath Grouper, Hammerhead Shark, Cobia, Red Grouper and Amberjack.


As November winds down a pair of cold fronts in quick succession have most certainly put the fish firmly into their cool water fall patterns. This means a slow down on the numbers of Snook out near the barrier islands in December, but great action on upper and over slot Redfish, big Trout, Pompano, and even some Gag grouper inshore. Nearshore waters are already bringing home great numbers of Gag and Red Grouper, Mangrove Snapper, Tripletail, and a few Cobia.

Snook fishing will slow slightly in December, but the good news is that the lower numbers of fish will be made up for by quality. The large females that have been cruising the dock lights every night in November will be glad to ambush a bait placed at the edge of a healthy flat, although they will be catch and release only through February. Schools of nice over-slot Reds were already hammering the flats in October and November. December should see this pattern continue with the fish breaking into smaller groups and spreading out over larger areas. With the lower tides, cooler water, and decrease in prevalence of whitebait Redfish will increasingly key in on bottom forage throughout December. Big Trout, on the order of five to ten pounds are already being caught and the best chances of the year to pull in trout of this quality will happen during December and January. All three of these prized game fish will be found around grass ledges, potholes, and around oyster bars. They will feed the best on moving tides, both incoming and outgoing particularly at the bottom end of those tides. Look for the largest, fastest tide of the day especially if this tide coincides with early morning or late evening low light conditions for the best chance at great top water action.

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My sister, Kristin lives in Southwest Florida. She just turned 40 years old and got engaged. I get to travel down there this coming August for the wedding and will definitely plan a fishing trip with my son while down there.

Congratulations Sis!!!!



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