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Fly Fish The Rivers Of Chile


Fly Fish the Rivers of Chile

Chile's rivers support an amazing an amazing diversity of fly fishing environments.  Fly fishing in Chile is like visiting several different countries.  In Chile, you will find a greater variety of fly fishing environments than Argentina or New Zealand...

Rio Simpson

It is probably the most famous river in the Aysén region; the Rio Simpson tends to fish like classic Montana freestone and has significant caddis and mayfly opportunities. Browns and rainbows from 14-22 inches are your usual catch. However, trout up to 30 inches have been caught on a fly. King Salmon run this river from early January through mid March. We’ve taken Kings from the Simpson that push 45+ pounds. Our Lodge is located right on the Simpson River banks, then on top of enjoying the most gorgeous views of the Simpson river with the Andes peaks as a background, you will be able to finish a great drifting day right at the lodge, where the Pisco ours will be waiting for you.

Rio Paloma

The Rio Paloma is a river that begins in Desierto lake and runs northwest until it meets the Rio Desague about 15 miles away. A glacial freestone flows iridescent blue water and provides fantastic dry fly and streamer action. Predominantly a brown trout fishery, the introduction of rainbows in the late nineties has proven to be a success. Fish from 14-23 inches are taken from the crystal, clear Paloma. We generally drift at the Paloma River.

Rio Azul

Located between Lago Azul and Lago Desierto, the Rio Azul is accessible by boat as it gets you into a remote area. Flowing beneath the shadows of Cerro Castillo (Castle Peak), it is probably one of the world’s most beautiful fishing locations. Browns from 17-21 inches are quite common with larger fish to be taken. Jet boats take you to and from the Rio Azul, however, we prefer to wade once we arrive.

Rio Desague

The Rio Desague (Drain River) drains Lago Elizalde and runs for about five miles until it enters Lago Caro (Expensive Lake). Within this short stretch of river are browns and rainbows 17-23 inches with many larger trophies lurking in its depths. Jet boats will run into this remote river for some spectacular scenery and dry fly fishing.

Rio Emperador Guillermo

It is one of the jewels of the area, there are many pools and riffles loaded with hungry trout, overaging 12 to 16 inches, sometimes over a 100 fish a day.

Other Rivers that are fished:

The Mañihuales, the Toqui, the Boca de León, the Coyhaique, the Huemules etc…

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