Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stop Asian Carp and Protect Our Great Lakes - Sign Online Petition

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Please consider signing the online petition to protect hundreds of thousands of jobs and the Great Lakes at Your efforts are helping me make our case to President Obama and Congress that residents of the Great Lakes region will not stand by silently as federal officials allow Asian carp to destroy our Lakes.


Now you can do even more. Please forward this email to five friends or family members, one for each of the Great Lakes, asking them to sign the petition at

We need to act because the U.S. Supreme Court declined this week to close the locks in Chicago that can stop Asian carp from entering the Lakes, ignoring Michigan's pleas and those of Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New York and Ontario.

Making things worse, it was revealed federal authorities knew of new DNA evidence of Asian carp IN LAKE MICHIGAN but did not make the Court aware before it made its decision.

The front door to Lake Michigan remains wide open even as these waterborne aliens threaten to devastate the Lakes' $7 billion fishery and hundreds of thousands of jobs connected to the health of the Lakes. The need for each of us to act has never been greater.


Please forward this email right now to five friends or family members, asking them to visit and sign the petition demanding authorities in Washington D.C. and Illinois act today.

That's telling one friend about for each of the Great Lakes. Please help us sound this critical alarm.

Please sign our petition to protect hundreds of thousands of jobs and the Great Lakes.

Thank you,

Mike Cox

Michigan Attorney General



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