Monday, February 15, 2010

How Bad Can It Be Really? - Say NO To Negative Thinking

By Sherri Russell

I am a very social person, in fact, an extravert at heart. I speak to a lot of people through social events, charity events, professional groups, work, neighbors, family, internet social sites, etc. Often I am listening to stories about who so and so are dating or having an affair, or someone said something incorrect about the other, who’s lawn is better, who has a better house or vehicle, who might look funny or wear odd clothes, who should or shouldn’t join a club because others they might not fit in with the group, how stressed a friend may be because she spent all week searching for the right type of curtains for her house, an unhappy marriage or career, lack of dating opportunities, and so on. I often wonder why so many people seem to be so miserable over trivial things. At least they seem trivial to me....and why such negativity among such great people?

I think that a person can’t be happy in life until they find happiness within themselves. Happiness is what you make of it.

There is always someone who is worse off than the other. I mean how bad can most situations be? As bad as a sprained pinky finger? Meaning it might hurt for a short time and then be fine. As bad as a broken pinky finger? Meaning it might hurt for a longer amount of time, but be fine later. As bad as an amputated pinky finger? Meaning it might hurt real bad for a while, leaving a permanent mark, but learn to adapt with out it with time.

My point being is that when you can compare matters in a simple perspective such as a pinky finger injury scale, some matters may not seem so bad after all and we then choose not to dwell on them for very long and put them behind us, and focus on more greater and important or positive matters instead.

I have been through a lot of horrible and great experiences in my life of 44 years and each one has contributed some what to who I am as a person today – because of how I chose to deal with each matter at that time.

I believe that life is short and we need to be true to ourselves, treat others as we would like to be treated, think positive and not be selfish.

In fact, I am typing this article in my truck while my son and his friends are down hill skiing. I injured my leg yesterday while walking for miles to thick snow to interview and take photos of ice angler contestants who caught fish. There were over 1,200 contest participants to give you an idea of the size of the contest in Newaygo Michigan this past weekend, called the Dam To Dam Ice Fishing Contest.  The proceeds were to benefit the Big Brothers and Sisters organization.

After returning home from the event, my son discovered that I was injured, he was worried that he and his friends would not be able to ski now if I could not ski too. I told him that it was not his fault that I could not ski and I wasn’t going to take his opportunity away from him as well. So, I have been patiently waiting for the kids to finish for the last four hours thus far. My point being that life does not surround only around me and I need to be aware of others needs and pre-planned expectations such as this ski trip.

So, the next time you seem to be in a horrible situation, stop thinking negative, and try to compare it to a simple pinky finger injury scale and you may be surprised and see your situation in a whole different light.



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