Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Moffit System - an excellent conservation tool that will allow anglers to release more fish unharmed

Are Hookless Trout Flies All The Rage? A new rig with hookless flies may help you catch more fish—and save more, too.

Hookless flies look and feel more realistic than traditional flies, making them much more appealing to fish. Anglers who have tried the system are reporting back that fish hang on to this more realistic fly longer, allowing them more time to detect the strike and hook the fish.

Natural drift

The hookless nature of Moffitt Flies not only make for a more realistic imitation but as importantly allow our flies to present a more natural drift – a critical factor in interesting the most selective feeders in your fly.

Fish multiple flies

Anglers agree that once they understand the concept of how to rig and fish the Moffitt System, the simplicity of the system is remarkable. Rigging or changing Moffitt hookless flies is fast and easy. And fishing with a tangle-free, multiple hookless fly rig maximizes their productive and all-too-coveted time on the water.

What does this mean for the angler?

More hookups, more fish, better fishing.

Rigging or changing Moffitt hookless flies is fast and easy. And fishing with a tangle- free, multiple hookless fly rig maximizes your productive fishing time on the water.

There are 3 incredibly simple steps to rigging the Moffitt System.

Foul or Fair?

There’s been a lot of fuss on various Internet message boards to the effect that Moffitt’s rig is just a gimmicky way of snagging fish. I disagree.

Snagging, to me at least, means intentionally (or, rarely, accidentally) foul-hooking a fish that won’t take a lure, fly, or bait. In most cases it is illegal, as it should be. But Moffitt’s system won’t work at all unless a fish eats the hookless fly. The in-line circle hooks that Moffitt uses will slide across a fish’s body instead of foul-hooking it.


The Moffitt system is the first technological advance that shares the benefits between angler and fish- the first fishing tackle win-win.

The man behind the Moffitt Angling System is a retired environmental scientist, a passionate resource advocate and environmental activist, and a lifetime fly angler and fly tier. He built an environmental services company which offered engineering, studies and laboratory analysis both nationally and internationally, and after selling his company to an international consortium, he continued to manage it until retirement.

(Pat Moffitt says "It will change the way you fish")

Pat Moffit is currently working with State and Provincial regulatory agencies to incorporate language into regulations which clearly states the legality of the Moffitt System. This is a time consuming process and in the meantime it is recommended that you check with your local DNR officer if you have any concerns.          

Note from the editor:  This is the greatest thing since sliced bread!  I encourage all of you to visit their website and learn more about this fly fishing alternative method.


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