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Michigan Fishing: Best in the U.S.

(She's So Fly, editor, Sherri Russell - salmon fishing on Pere Marquette river in Michigan)

By Yvonne Brixey

Some say that Michigan fishing is the best fishing you will find in North America. So if you are interested in Michigan fishing then you should start planning your vacation to Lake Michigan right now. Home to the Great Lakes, the upper peninsula of Michigan is the place to go for trout, walleye and anglers. Whether you are an experienced fisherman or a novice, Michigan fishing cannot be beat.

Many people who travel to Michigan to experience their famous Michigan fishing enjoy fishing for trout in a stream. If this is true for you then Michigan fishing has that to offer as well. People who like to fish like the feeling of getting out of their boat and standing right in the stream to fish and fly fishing is also very popular. This type of Michigan fishing is readily available in many places in the Upper Peninsula because there is so much water available to fish in. However, if you would refer to sit in a boat while you fish, Michigan fishing is often done this way as well.

Michigan fishing is a fishing trip that you can take your entire family on or you can come here to get away from it all. Michigan hotels on the Upper Peninsula are luxurious for a romantic getaway or there are fishing cabins available for rent if you feel like roughing it out by the water.

Before you start planning your Michigan fishing trip, you should give some thought to the time of year you would like to visit. Michigan fishing slows down significantly in winter when many of the water bodies freeze over. Unless you are interested in ice fishing this is not typically the most preferred way to enjoy Michigan fishing. If you are interested in finding out the most popular times to experience Michigan fishing, but do not want the lakes to be over crowded when you come, then you should do an internet search to learn more about the high and low tourist seasons.

Michigan fishing websites that you find on the web will also tell you about special events and festivals that are happening in the Michigan area during the time of year that you plan your visit. This means that you could spend your Michigan fishing vacation entered into a fishing contest to see who can catch the biggest and the most Walleye, Trout, and Anglers. If you choose to plan your Michigan fishing trip during a festival then it would give your family something fun to do while you spend your day on the beautiful lakes of Michigan.

Also located near the Upper Peninsula of Michigan are several National Parks that your family will enjoy. Many of these parks allow fishing with a fishing license, so they are there for you to enjoy as well. Truly there is much to see and do in the lovely state of Michigan and Michigan fishing sis only one idea we have explored in this article. Still, if you are interested in Michigan fishing and want to learn more, then you should do some research online and talk to people you know who have gone on a Michigan fishing trip of their own. Maybe by talking to friends about Michigan fishing you can arrange a getaway trip just for you and your friends.

Enjoy Michigan Fishing With Friends or Family

(salmon fishing on Lake Michigan, near Grand Haven, Michigan)

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