Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Youth hunt opportunities for turkeys in Western Michigan

Note from the editor: While my outdoor passion lies with fishing, there are so many different interests when it comes to fishing, hunting and enjoying the outdoors in general.  I feel it is very important for our younger generations to have the opportunity to experience, enjoy and learn the proper techniques when given an opportunity on each and every interest in order to develop a respect for mother nature.  Here is one event I would like to share with you below:

The NWTF river bottoms chapter is again hosting a spring turkey hunt workshop and hunting opportunity.

This is an educational workshop sponsored by the NWTF Muskegon River bottom chapter. It is provided for youth 16 yrs and younger who possess a hunters safety certificate.

Youth who participate in the workshop and orientation day (April 16) are eligible to participate on a youth only private hunt at the Muskegon County Waste Water. The wastewater opportunity is for youth who participate in both workshops.

The youth will be provided with a guide, calls and blinds in an area reserved for only them. Please see the attached for more information on this workshop or see the Michigan Turkey hunting guide for further details.

If you know of any youth who would be interested in this special opportunity contact Jon Gale at 578-8154 or Dave Farhat at 767-0222.

NWTF youth chair


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