Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Breathe In And Appreciate The Beauty Of Life

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,
but by the moments that take our breath away...

By Hal Johnson

Take Time To Smell Roses And Appreciate Life's Blessings.

Are you so busy and caught up in your day to day life? So busy in your work, in some worries, in your family and everything that concerns it, and also so occupied with the fear about what tomorrow will bring that you don't have even a few minutes to stop and smell the roses around you?

Have you ever thought to spend at least one minute of your day to breathe in and appreciate the beauty of life and all its offerings? Why don't you take the time out and go out to see the wonders of life instead of ending up in the musty, moldy, and dank smell of the harshness that can choke out the life from you?

What beauty am I talking about? I am referring to the blessings that life are offering us-in and around of our lives. And if you are living inside a cell with now windows and everything, it is unfortunate that you are not seeing the amazing work of God through the nature that he has given us. Have you ever stopped and looked at the colors of the trees, the sky, the leaves, or the flowers and then spent a minute embracing and sniffing all of them?

How about the fact that you are also missing the symphony, the never-ending one, of the sounds of nature? Have you tried appreciating and listening to the blowing of the winds, the songs of the birds and even the relaxing sound of silence?

When you are fortunate enough to be living near the sea or the ocean, have you spent an early morning moment and listened to the splashing of the body of water? Do you know that a lot of people will be spending an amount just to get a sound recording of the natural sounds that you may be taking for granted?

And all you have to do is just to stop and spend a few minutes. Nothing more.

We sometimes get so caught up in daily concerns and worries and stress that sometimes life is also giving us that we miss out the chance to enjoy and embrace with open arms the gifts that are just lying around for free. This also made us forget to see the beauty of what we have and then just focus on the thoughts that we don't have much.

Have you ever thought that the icing of your cake-your children, you family, and your friends-are just there waiting for you to smell the aroma that they are baking inside? This smell is actually emanating from inside that all you have to do is to stop and savor it. Do you cherish the joy that hearing them tell you "I love you" is giving you? And do you ever stop and say "I love you" to them too? You will be amazed to see how happy they will be and how you will be happy, too.

Remember that even though we have those ups and downs in our lives, all the good and the bad times, there is still and will always be a place where we can go and soothe our soul, and at the same calm our storms in our lives. All we have to do is to take the time and utter the words 'Thank You' addressed to the world. And it would also do us great things when we can stop for a minute and appreciate the blessings that we are having right now. Take note that these are the essence, the fragrance, of our lives.

Learning to live in your present moment will make you realized how unessential other things-those troubles you think are big. Learn to appreciate and think that we have "this moment" and this is what matters now. Forget the past-it's all gone-stop relieving it daily. Remember that the future is what we are creating at the present.

Finally, it would do you good when you let your heart open up and your eyes wide awake and your nose breathing in the pleasures and the goodness of life in general. Keep in mind that you are the only one who can make the difference in our lives-it can start by noticing all the good things in it. Acknowledge your given blessings-and most of all always stop and take time to smell roses.

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