Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"She's So Full Of It" - Brain Teaser Special Edition

(professor Caddis Tippet)

This weeks Brain Teaser is brought to you by Professor Caddis Tippett's friend, "Olivia".

(Olivia says..."Take Your Passion and Make It Happen - Don't Be A Couch Potato!")

Olivia will be one of the new "Couch Potato Girls" on the new She's So Fly website coming out soon! The three girls names are Olivia, Anna and Rachel - each girl will be promoting a seperate outdoor activity. Olivia will promote fly fishing.

(sneek-peak of the new She's So Fly website coming soon!)

This is Olivia's first internet appearance, so let's all help her out and participate!

What do the 4 leaves of a 4 leaf clover stand for?

Post your answers in the comment section below!


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