Wednesday, March 30, 2011

An Introduction Into UK Carp Fishing Venues

(Ghost Carp)
By Bern Granger

Lots of people from all backgrounds enjoy angling, with a large majority seeking out UK carp fishing venues. Most will spend an entire weekend or even a week at their favorite destinations in search of their next giant conquest, others will merely have what is known as a day session in the hope of catching their intended targets.

A child's parents take great pleasure in teaching their children how to fish and even when they become better at the sport when they do they will not have any regrets. Initially they will take them to local ponds until they get a taste for it, then they will venture on to more specialised lakes. If they child appears to enjoy the pastime they could take them on an angling holiday.

Serious anglers often enjoy group holidays but often will travel alone. They travel in the hope that they will be able to get away from their day to day work load. The best locations are often destinations that incorporate numerous waters giving the angler a huge choice of where to fish, and maybe even finding that special secluded area holding the biggest fish.

Top locations usually have their own tackle shop, stocked with the latest bait, equipment and offering much needed tips for that particular venue. Each lake will contain different species and a variety of sizes of fish all responding to different baits and tactics on any given day, getting to know the venue beforehand will ensure you are able to carry the correct bait and tackle.

If the simple advisory steps are not followed for any reason it may lead to the competitor failing to catch anything and also it would result in them looking unprepared and inexperienced if they take part in any competitions.

Carp ponds tend to be heavily stocked with mirror, common and ghost carp which will quite frequently range in weight from 4oz to 22lbs. On the other hand Tench can be expected to weigh up to a maximum of 3lb and bream is often found to weigh well over 6lbs. The depth of the water can begin at 5 feet and be up to 7 feet at the deepest parts, if participators plan on venturing in the water the appropriate attire should be worn.

Individuals who plan to go on an angling trip will need to purchase a fishing permit which is needed by anyone planning to fish anywhere by the law. If an individual is caught taking part in the sport without the legal documentation they could be fined.

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