Thursday, March 31, 2011

Walleyes For Tomorrow - DNR Tagging Project in Wisconsin

River fish move in search of sufficient quantities of critical habitat. Fish seek suitable refuge during periods of high or low water, in the harsh winter and during high-temperature droughts. They travel up and downstream to find food, good spawning habitat and well-protected nurseries.

Dams separate some river fish species from the habitat they need to sustain their populations. Fish populations caught behind dams become isolated and fragmented, unable to tap the genetic diversity that contributes to a population's strength.

Fishways and other methods (elevators, trapping and transferring) that allow fish to travel to their historical spawning grounds help maintain healthy, vigorous populations.

Creating ways for fish to bypass dams could restore ranges for some of our high-profile, endangered or threatened species.

The fishway at the Eureka Dam allows walleye to pass by unharmed.

There is valuable research that's going on right now at the Fox River in Eureka dam area to study how effective the waterways are for fish habitat.

There will 30 walleyes, both males & females tagged this weekend by the (WI DNR) up on the Wolf River system.

Here is a 9.32 lb, 26.5" female walleye that will be tagged with 2 tags on top and near it's dorsal fin and a sonic transmitter in it's stomach. You will find 2 blue stiches in the stomach area close to the right side pectoral fin. This is key to look for.

So PLEASE look to see if you have caught one of these fish, If you do, write down the tag number and send in the number, (NOT THE TAG) and release the fish so the DNR can track the fishes movements throughout the Winnbago system. 
Thanks for your support and help on this project.

Additional Information and Resources:
Walleyes For Tomorrow National Organization:

Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine:

Note from She's So Fly:  Thanks Coot for providing me with this information to share with others! - also Coot said that there is 100 sonic tags total and that $335 each and it was all donated by fishing clubs through out the Winnebago system.  30 at the Eureka Dam and 70 up at the Wolf river and different marshes that they will be going to this weekend

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