Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Catfishing Rigs Drastically Improve Your Effectiveness As An Angler

By George Bowman

As you are reading up on catfishing and learning the ropes, one of the virtually important things you need to realize is how to set up catfishing rigs. Setting up a catfishing rig is similar to setting up a fishing line with bait, bobbers or sinkers; it depends on the type of catfish you are looking and the fishing area.

As an instance, you might choose deep catfish rigs to get those flatheads which generally feed at the bottom of the waters. This kind of rig commonly needs a sinker that is connected to the tip of the fishline. The hook is then tied with a palomar knot above the sinker at a length about 12-18 inches.

The idea behind this sort of catfishing rig is to pull the line to the bottom of the pond. With the sinker at the bottom of the water, your hook is stabilized at about 12-18 inches from the water bottom-- an area wherein catfishes would frequently inhabit.

The size of hook you utilize, and the weight of the sinker you utilize, should depend on what species of catfish you are going for, on what variety of water body you are fishing in, and on the weather and currents (if fishing on a river).

Fishing in shallow waters would necessitate another sort of catfishing rig. A shallow catfishing rig can be utilized this time with your hook located at the bottom of your line and a bobber at about 2 or 3 ft. atop your hook.

With a bobber, your fishline will be held so it will not lie on the bottom of the water body and your hook will be situated 12 to 18 inches from bottom where the bottom dweller catfishes are.

Always remember that in order to discover which catfishing rig types are efficient for different situations, trial and error works best.

After all, the soundest knowledge is the kind that you learn on your own by trial and error, and by experience.

A few examples of catfishing rigs from others:

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She's So Fly said...

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