Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Marina Del Rey Halibut Derby - May 14th 2011

The Marina Del Rey Halibut Derby has been held since 1974.

The Derby is the oldest and largest fishing tournament in Southern California. The event has attracted almost a thousand participants and over 300 boats.

Entrants have come from as far as Northern California, Arizona and Nevada.

This years Derby will be a one day competition for the right to win the Director's Heaviest Fish Trophy


Halibut Fishing Seminar - May 4th - 2011
At the Burton Chase Park - Com. Room in Marina Del Rey, CA
All are Welcome!

MDRA will host a special fishing seminar on May 4 to help anglers increase their chances of hooking and landing the big one during the MDR Save the Halibut Derby scheduled for Saturday, May 14. Local fishing pros Dick Schaffer and Captain David Yumori will present their secrets and local knowledge about fishing in the Santa Monica Bay. Schaffer owns Purfields Tackle Shop on Washington Blvd near Marina Del Rey and Yumori, AKA, Captain Midnight, runs The Slammer, a 6-pack fishing operation out of the Marina. Schaffer and Yumori are both on the water every week and spending an hour learning their winning techniques will be invaluable. The seminar will begin at 7 pm in the meeting room at Burton Chase Park at the end of Mindanao Way in Marina Del Rey. Arrive early to get a good seat and maybe get some one-on-one time with these pros.

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