Thursday, April 21, 2011

Factors In Deciding When And How To Go About Going On A Gold Coast Fishing Charter

By Kim Raymond

Are you contemplating a Gold Coast fishing charter but wondering when to go in terms of time of year and also possibly which day of the week?

In addition, are you wondering what kind of time frame you need to consider when making a booking for a Gold Coast fishing charter? Also do you have questions about assembling your own group or coming as an individual or with just a handful of friends?

On the question of what is the best time of year to book a Gold Coast fishing charter? There are several things to consider.

The first question to ponder before anything else is the question of your flexibility as to what time of the year you are able to go on a Gold Coast fishing charter? For many, they are restricted because of their job or business commitments. This makes decision making a whole lot easier. If you are desiring to bring a whole group of people that make up all the numbers on the charter boat, it is best to contact the charter boat operator as soon as possible. If you are just wanting to go and perhaps a handful of friends, bear in mind that a charter is usually not confirmed until a minimum number of paying customers have been confirmed. So to avoid disappointment, you are advised to keep in regular contact with the charter boat operator to check on numbers or alternative arrangements.

If weather conditions are a really key consideration for you when booking a Gold Coast fishing charter, rest assured that temperatures in the winter are mild compared to winters in the northern hemisphere.

The third consideration when deciding to book a Gold coast fishing charter is the question of what kind of fish you want to catch and consequently the size of fish that you want to target.

If you really want to go after the bigger pelagic (free swimming) fish then you are advised to book your Gold Coast fishing charter during the warmer months of the year, (November -early March) when fish like marlin, tuna, mahi mahi, mackerel etc are available. Incidentally, these fish are generally caught through trolling with an artificial lure off the back of the boat.

Alternatively, if you are content to go after smaller fish such as snapper, that are usually caught in larger quantities, then plan your Gold Coast fishing charter around the autumn, winter and spring months of the year. These are caught usually by bottom fishing off reefs.

When choosing a day of the week to book your Gold Coast fishing charter, demand peaks on the weekends. So if your holiday period is over or around Christmas, be sure to book months in advance to avoid disappointment. However during the off season (non holiday period), booking a few weeks in advance will usually suffice.

In terms of who comprises the customers on a Gold Coast fishing charter, some operators build charters recruiting individuals or small groups of two or three people. Other companies will tend to favour whole group bookings.

The final consideration in choosing when to book your Gold Coast fishing charter is to simply observe daily and weekly weather patterns and make your booking accordingly. Gold Coast fishing charter operators vary in their level of conservativeness in making the call whether or not to venture out when the weather is 'borderline'.

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