Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Information About Coastal Fishing In North Carolina

By Mike Relahs

The gorgeous state of North Carolina is lined by thousands of miles of breathtaking shoreline. It comes as no surprise that one of the most popular activities in the entire state, for locals and tourists alike, is fishing. Coastal fishing in North Carolina is the best way for tourists to get a good feel for the day-to-day life of real fisherman.

If this is your first time fishing, then you have started in the right place! North Carolina is full of experienced fisherman who rent out charter boats to beginners who want to head out on the water and try their hand at catching a big one. Even if a few members of the family are not so into fishing, many charter boats provide snacks and additional activities to keep everyone entertained.

Offshore, you will find an unbelievable abundance of fish from Marlin to Mahi Mahi and Yellowfin Tuna. The Gulf Stream runs just 40 miles off of the coast of North Carolina, bringing with it a huge variety of offshore species that will have even the most inexperienced fishers reeling in their lines.

Just think, you could start your day by heading out on a charter boat before sunrise, and end it by grilling up the fish you and your family caught during your inshore fishing trip. Inshore fishing is fun for beginners because the calm, protected waters make fishing a little bit easier and a little more fruitful as well. You can catch flounder, redfish, or even trout!

Try checking online for daily updates of the local waters in North Carolina. Knowing where certain types of fish are swimming on a day to day basis is a great way of saving time, and getting some real, rewarding fishing done.

Another way of increasing your chances of coming home with a winner is by taking an experienced fisherman along with you on your charter boat to help you with a few tips here and there. Having someone who knows the patterns fish follow, the types of bait they like, and the depth at which they swim, can greatly increase your probability of success.

Lastly, fishing is a sport that requires patience. You cannot head out on a boat with the same "go and get them" attitude that you take to the rugby field. Of course, once you feel a bite, you have really got to let them have it because fish can be strong and very stubborn.

For those who just want to spend a day with their family, coastal fishing in North Carolina, without the extravagance of heading out on a charter boat, pier fishing is the perfect activity right on the shore.

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