Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Radio Interview with She's So Fly on The Revolution with Jim and Trav

Tune in April 30th, 2011 and listen to an interview with Sherri Russell, outdoors promoter of She's So Fly and other guests to find out what outdoors women really want.  If you don't get a radio station that broadcasts Jim and Trav's show in your area, you can visit their website and listen to the program - it will be available for one week only - following the intial broadcast date. 

Jim and Trav's special guests on this April 30th, 2011 show are:

Natalie Foster - Girls Guide To Guns

Sherri Russell - She's So Fly

Karen Butler - Shoot Like a Girl
The Revolution with Jim and Trav is broadcast to approximately 4.9 million people across the country on 358 radio and cable stations, plus CRN Digital Talk Radio and American Forces Radio Network. It’s also available on iTunes as a podcast. If you’d like to find The Revolution with Jim & Trav on a station near you, see Outdoor Trails Network.

A She's So Fly preferred product "Go-Girl":


She's So Fly said...

There is a correction on air time with She's So Fly due to audio difficulties...I have to redue my interview and it will air the following week :-) - stay tuned for a new annoucement...

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