Friday, May 6, 2011

She's So Fly Featured Outdoors Blogger For The Month: Angler Ashley Rae

Meet Ashley Rae - the my featured outdoors blogger of the month!
Her blog is about "A young lady that LOVES to fish and share her adventures!"

Ashley is 25 years old and her goal is to share her passion for fishing with others around the world, women, men and children and inspire others to fish as well. As her website says, she just loves to fish. It's just a part of who she is and it's growing more and more as she tries to experience different types of fishing and catching new species of fish. She is not biased at all when it comes to fishing, She will catch anything (that's in season), and she promotes catch and release as nearly all her catches are set free after a quick photo.

Ashley created her blog to write about her adventures, post photos and videos to share with family and friends, but now she is very fortunate to have followers from around the globe supporting her, as well as at her Facebook page:

Ideally she would love to someday be a part of a fishing show, travel and promote the sport and reach a bigger audience. Fishing will always be a part of her life, and she will always be fishing.

Visit her blog at:

A She's So Fly preferred product "Go-Girl":


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