Monday, January 9, 2012

How To Fish In A Kayak

By Dana Cain

Kayak fishing is a difficult activity to master and perfect. The period of apprenticeship, which must be served in order to transform the novice into a veteran kayak angler can be discouraging and often runs into years.

The best and fastest way to learn kayak fishing will be to seek the tutelage of a veteran who will teach the apprentice the intricacies of fishing under actual conditions.

Kayak fishing is gradually making a name in the industry. The use of kayaks in fishing has a long tradition and its recent popularity can be attributed to its sustainable gratification.

There was a time when kayak fishing is the major means of catching the flatfish halibut and the many other breed of large fish. These activities, which happened from the mid 18th Century until the late part of it, were all noted by the Russian Orthodox priests. This is the chapter referred to as the "The Native History".

Kayak fishing has since then been a major player in the fishing industry, a far cry from the time when its practicability was under question. What makes the kayak different from other fishing boats is its being a "sit-on" type, with the fisherman sitting down in comfort and the boat on an even keel.

However, with kayak fishing, the angler has to learn how to steady the kayak as he tries to paddle through the waters, in which it is considered as part of the whole process.

Therefore, for people who wish to know some tips about kayak fishing, here's a list that may help them enjoy this tricky activity.

Safety awareness

Before and during a fishing expedition, the kayak fisherman must observe some safety measures and practices to prevent or at least minimize any possibility of accidents that can happen due to negligence or carelessness.

Some of the things he must do is to verify the projected weather at the time he is fishing and also, if possible, to reconnoiter his intended fishing grounds.

Keep the hatches always close

The angler should always keep in mind that it is best to keep the hatches closed while fishing. Water can never seep through the kayak if the hatches are kept closed.

Steady fishing

As soon as the angler deems that he is in the ideal spot, he should stop the boat and drop anchor to keep it steady in place while he cast his fishing lines.

Before embarking on a fishing trip, leave a message of your route and destination and how long you expect to be away. In this way, somebody will be able to keep track of your activity.

You lose nothing by being safety conscious.

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