Monday, January 9, 2012

Really Cool Outdoor Themed Art - New On-Line Art Gallery Introduction

A new On-line Gallery has just been recently launched by artist, Sherri Russell Be sure to check this site out if you like contemporary outdoor themed art!

(salmon on the run - limited edition print by Sherri Russell)

Intro on mixed media collage artist, Sherri Russell and her new gallery:

Artist-Outdoors Enthusiast-Design Engineer, Sherri Russell was born and raised in Michigan.

· As an artist, Sherri prefers working with non-traditional mixed media to compliment her more abstraction-contemporary style.

· As an outdoors enthusiast and fly fishing gal from, Sherri is intrigued and amazed by Nature’s life cycles and its splendor - and enjoys sharing her fishing passion and travel experiences through writing and art.

· As a design engineer, Sherri loves learning and applying new techniques and tricks to keep her creatively challenged.

Sherri’s innovative techniques and ingenuity towards using mixed media has proven to be invaluable when creating unique “outdoor theme art”, such as;

Mixed Media Collage Art (MMCA): Multiple layers of vibrant colored tissue papers and acid free glue are placed on a canvas and then sealed with a UV resistant coating. The tissue paper layers often appear transparent and provide a natural motion and display a spectacular array of colors when viewed. MMCA has a very distinct look and will surely generate interest and conversation by viewers when displayed. Sherri has spent many years experimenting with materials and solvents on prototype samples to ensure the tissue colors stay true.

Photo Inspired Art (PIA): Is a more technical mixed media which combines photography, photographs, illustrations, creativity, imagination and graphic design. Sherri believes that “the beauty of a photograph does not stop merely at its existence, but at its potential”.

Sherri looks forward to using her outdoor experiences and technical background to continue creating unique art that will intrigue and provide enjoyment for others. 

Visit today…and be sure to check out a featured print titled “Salmon On The Run” created from a sunset photo!

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