Friday, June 1, 2012

Fishing the Cape Cod Canal at Night for Big Striped Bass

By Captain Ryan Collins

Fishing the Cape Cod Canal after the sun goes down is often an extraordinary and sometimes very eerie undertaking. There is absolutely no shortage of interesting characters, creatures and weird noises around the rip-rap after dark. Nevertheless if you'd like to radically increase your possibility of catching a substantial striped bass from shore, then hitting up the Cape Cod Canal after dark may indeed be for you. Some of the largest striped bass of the year are taken by anglers fishing during the depths of the night.

Ordinarily by the end of May, size-able striped bass have settled throughout the Canal-this is when the night fishing truly starts to flip on. At this time of the year, night excursions can be a hit or miss proposition as massive schools of striped bass swim by way of the land cut directly into Cape Cod Bay. In other words, you might catch bass one night and then not register a bite the following trip. Any time the next push of big striped bass swims in by way of Buzzard's Bay, the angling starts to produce once more.

Once summer rolls around the bulk of the striped bass base has settled into their warm weather haunts, which usually makes Cape Cod Canal fishing a great deal less hit or miss. It's quite probable to catch keeper striped bass every night of the week, granted you have the ability to zone in on the most productive fishing spots.

Most of the striped bass that happen to be captured in the evening are taken on bait, jigs and subsurface lures. Traveling down and up the service road, on the lookout for busting bass is of course not a possibility. Having a firm grasp on the productive tides and locations is a lot more vital when fishing after dark then when fishing in the day. Often times areas just down current of these hot spots are completely devoid of fish. Zoning in on exact locations is very important.

The the vast majority of big striped bass caught during the night time are taken out of holes, rips and close to areas of structure. Fishing these locations will noticeably strengthen your odds of hooking into a keeper sized striped bass.

Presenting jigs directly on the bottom in these spots, or swimming a lure or eel through a rip is a simple means to attracting a nice striped bass. Nevertheless some of the biggest bass ever captured in the Canal have been hooked on a piece of bait fished on the Canal's bottom during a night time slack tide.

Based on what the biomass of striped bass pick to do, September and October at the Cape Cod Canal can be either fantastic or disappointing. If a bio mass of striped bass elects to travel through the Canal on their travels south, then the fishing at the Canal will be stellar. But if the main body of striped bass decides to migrate around outer Cape Cod on their migration south, then Cape Cod Canal anglers will be out of luck. This past season the spring time fishing drastically outproduced the fishing during October. Odds are that the majority of striped bass opted to swim around the arm of Cape Cod, instead of venturing through the Canal.

Nonetheless even during slow years fishing the Cape Cod Canal at night during September and October can result in substantial striped bass. As always, focusing on fishing the best Cape Cod Canal fishing spots during the right tide is the most crucial component for Cape Cod Canal striped bass fishing success. You just never know unless you go!

About the Author:

Captain Ryan John Collins is a charter and commercial striped bass fishing captain from Cape Cod, MA. Visit his fishing blog for insider secrets about the best Cape Cod Canal fishing spots and striped bass fishing techniques.


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