Saturday, June 2, 2012

How to Reel In Lots of Fish the Hawaiian Way!

By Kana Coennen

Are you aware that Hawaiian fish hook pendants are essentially symbolical in nature, with deepsocial ties and hidden implications ? They are given as offerings not only for their impressive beauty, but also for the symbolism and meaning behind them. Here are some of the blessings a Hawaiian fish hook necklace stands for:

* Wealth
The fertile wealth of the sea is open to the angler who has command of the hook. In ancient times, the one who accepted the art of hooking and reeling in fish never went hungry, and was granted the wealth of the ocean depths.

* Good Luck
It takes more than just skill to be a blessed fisherman; the fish must be attracted towards the hook in order to be caught. Beyond the circumstances s being right, there also appears to be a powerful element of luck associated with fishing. The hook that rarely returns from the water empty is an exceedingly favorable hook indeed!

* Strength

All of the luck in the world is nothing without the strength and fortitude to fight and reel in the prize! The larger and better the fish, the stronger the fisherman must be to land it. For that reason, the Hawaiian fish hook necklace also designates strength of body, will and heart.
The Wealthy Mythology of Hawaiian Fish Hooks

Hooks also had special importance as a symbol of the islands themselves. In Hawaiian creation stories, the islands were formed by the great fish hook of Maui, called the Manaiakalani, or the Hook from the Heavens.
The story goes that the demigod Maui and his 2 bros were sent fishing by their ma, and were told not to return empty handed. Maui wasn't a good fisherman at all compared to his brothers, and it was assured that he would not rise to the challenge. Luckily , Maui's pop had anonymously presented his boy with a great hook that would set him apart from all of the other fisherman, the Manaiakalani.

Maui hooked a giant fish with the great hook, and with his siblings battled it for 3 days straight. As the end drew near and the great beast rose up from the depths, his siblings stupidly caused the line to break , and the fish snapped into many pieces. These pieces in turn formed the Hawaiian Islands. Maui returned home to his mum a hero for creating the lush islands teeming with wealth and life.
Given the rich cultural history of these lovely Hawaiian bone fish hook necklaces, what could make a nicer gift for the special fisherman in your life?

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