Friday, November 6, 2009

She's So Fly Guide to Fly Fishing Gear

For people, especially women new to the sport of fly fishing, purchasing fly fishing gear can be a rather challenging, and expensive activity, after all we have to look good. Lots of specialized gear is needed for fly fishing, and with all the gear available, it is all too easy to get confused on where to begin. And, as fly fishing gear has gone high-tech in recent years, a rather daunting array of strange sounding terms has also worked its way into the world of fly fishing gear. 

So, to help new and old fly anglers alike, we've prepared some articles that can help any fly angler learn more about fly fishing gear and what to look for when shopping online for it. We recommend shopping from sponsors of She’s So Fly

The River’s Edge is our first choice for fly fishing gear, especially for the Simms G-3 Waders, vests, bags and packs, boots, Sage Fly Rods, Ross Reels, Abel Reels Waterworks reels and of course; women’s apparel. 

The goal of these articles is to provide helpful information for fly anglers who need to learn more about a particular piece of fly fishing gear, as well as to help the fly angler find the right fly fishing gear that will meet their particular needs.

To begin learning more about fly fishing gear, simply select from any of the featured articles below. We will continue to add new articles as they are submitted to use or we have time to write more.

She’s So Fly Guide to Fly Rods: These articles explore the high-tech world of fly rods. These articles explore fly rod action, fly rod weight, fly rod length and more.

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The Crap Blog Detective said...

Go back to knitting, fishing is for men!

Sherri Russell said... time for knitting Mr. Crap Blog Detective...but if you can recommend a good knitter, I need a sweater for my favorite fishing dog Gracie --- gets cold up here in Michigan. Good luck on your search for crappy blogs, because this isn't one of them - I have followers from 51 different countries w/in 7 weeks and soo many more comments from readers telling me my blog is great and they appreciate the articles and content etc - but everyone is entitled to their own opinion - enjoy your weekend, I know I will :-)

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